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Project Description
A simple programming game that allows editing of scripts while the game is still being run. The scripts control the AI of some combatants in a Quake III-style game.

The game can be used as a tool to get people interested in coding, or simply as a competitive game between different code.

Some extensibility provided to create a simple sandbox environment. A "director" AI can be programmed to alter the dynamics of the game for a customizable experience. The "director" can also add custom entities that it would control.

Scripts are currently written in-game in C#, but any .NET language should be supported. (See the downloads page for details on how to develop in other languages with Microsoft Visual Studio.)

Features demo

Extensibility demo

Default death-match mode - fight in Quake III style arena
Zombie Blaster demo - example of the "Director" AI adding extra enemies to the game and altering some dynamics of gameplay
Basic coder to introduce non-programmers to some basic programming concepts

  • Program scripts while game is in play to immediately view results
  • Basic map editor
  • Scintilla.NET code editor
  • "Basic Coder" which allows non-programmers to create scripts with drag-and-drop ease
  • Basic "intellisense" to quickly find method needed
  • "Director" AI allows a customizable experience - change the game rules, load custom models, add enemies, etc
  • Basic messaging system allows interaction between different AI's
  • Powered by Irrlicht engine
  • Keyboard control - control your player directly!

Coding Challenge Ideas
  • Use the Director AI to create a quad-damage pickup.
  • Extend the Zombie Blaster demo to have zombies that become faster and deadlier as the rounds pass
  • Create a maze, and reward the player who reaches the center target first.

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