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Simply extract the application from the downloaded .zip file, and run DumbBots.NET.exe

User Interface


The user interface is divided into two main section. The top section has the game, and a bottom section has the code editor.

The menu in the top section has game related actions, like loading a map for the game to take place in, a map editor, the option to turn sound on or off, and help.
Under the menu the scores of the two players are displayed.

The code editor has it's own menu with actions related to coding. The user can load a script, save a script, add external references if the script uses them (and delete unused ones). Also the various AIs can be updated in this menu.

There is also a divider in the middle that can be used to adjusted. Clicking the middle part of this control will hide the game section.

Running custom game types (using the Zombie Blaster demo as example)

  • Click on "Load" to load the script "ZombieBlasterDirector.cs" from the ZombieBlaster folder
  • Click on "Update Director" to update the Director with this AI
  • Click "Load" to load the script "ZombieBlaster.cs" from the ZombieBlaster folder.
  • Click on "Update Team 1" to update team 1 with this AI
  • Click on "Update Team 2" to update team 2 with this AI
  • Click "Load Map" and open the "ZombieBlaster.txt" file
  • The demo is now loaded.
  • NOTE: When running a Director script the game requires the map to be reloaded by the user (depending on the script contents)

Developing scripts in Microsoft Visual Studio

(Please download the documentation available under downloads)

Coding reference guide

The game comes installed with help on the available commands available, and what they do. To view this file, simple run "Help" and then "Reference Document"

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